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Mexican "street food" is Mexico's version of fast food, that is sold on the streets of every village, town and city by vendors preparing, cooking and selling their wares from push-carts, bicycles, traliers and small taquerias.  Tacos, tortas, hot dogs, burritos and quesadillas are the most common, but you'll find many other delights as well, sold on the streets of every Mexican town.

I love Mexican street food, and these are some of the recipes that I've learned how to make, from eating the food, observing the preparation and cooking processes, and talking to the vendors...

Carne Asada Taco:  You'll find tacos de carne asada on the streets of every Mexican town or city, as these are everybody's favorite variety of taco.

Goat Taco:  Here's a taco with a lot of character!  Article is illustrated with many photos.

Fish Tacos:  A favorite taco of Baja California, once you've eaten one, you'll be hooked on them!

Pork Tacos:  Have you ever enjoyed a delicious, juicy pork taco from a street vendor in Mexico?  Give my recipe a try.

Tripe Tacos:  You'll love or hate this one, but I love tacos de tripa, and if you're a tripe lover, you'll like this recipe.

Grilled Tacos de Tripas:  No, it's not honeycomb tripe, it's tripas, grilled over a mesquite-fired flame... this delicious taco is common on the streets of Tijuana and Mexicali... Are you brave enough?

Tijuana-style Hot Dog:  Wrap bacon around a hot dog, grill it, add condiments, and you've got heaven on a bun.

Sonora-style Hot Dog:  Grilled bacon wrapped hot dog, loaded with pinto beans, Mexican condiments, and served on a chewey bolillo...

Hermosillo-style Hot Dog:  Coney Island meets Hermosillo, in this delcious variation of the Mexican hot dog, which features a delicious chili sauce, added to the hot dog.

Mariscos:  Mexico's version of a seafood cocktail is delicious, refreshing, low in calories and very easy to make.

Sonora-style Quesadilla:  In true Sonoran style, this quesadilla uses a flour tortilla, and is grilled to perfection.

Basic Quesadilla:  If you've never made a quesadilla before, follow this easy recipe and you'll be rewarded with a perfect quesadilla.  Illustrated with lots of how-to photos...

Shrimp Quesadilla:  Take your basic quesadilla, add some grilled shrimp, and you have a complete, and easy-to-make meal.  I obtained this recipe from a street vender, during one of my trips to Tijuana.

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