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No Mexican meal is complete without a helping of beans on the side, whether they be plain, generic, "pot" beans, or another, more exotic variety.  We love Mexican beans, and here are some of our favorite recipes for Mexican side dishes...

Pot Beans:  Plain, generic pinto beans, form the foundation for every Mexican bean side dish recipe.  If your taste runs on the simple side, pot beans make a delicious side dish, all by themselves...

Refried Beans:  The "Health Police" don't like them, but everybody else loves these beans, as they're made with Mexican lard, and bacon...

Cowboy Beans:  We serve these beans with just about every Mexican meal, including breakfast, and these beans are a family favorite recipe.

Mexican-syle Pork 'n Beans:  You may think I'm crazy, but this recipe turns a can of Pork 'n Beans into a gourmet side dish.


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