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Hot dogs, hamburgers and sandwiches may be mundane, to lavish dining standards,  but we love everything that lives between a bun.  Cold, grilled, or baked, you'll fine our favorite sandwich recipes here...

Grilled Bratwurst on a Bun:  If you've ever attended a Green Bay Packer's tailgate party, before the football game, you no doubt remember the delicious taste of a grilled bratwurst dog, on a grilled bun, loaded with condiments.

Italian Sausage on a Bun:  Italy meets the United States, as we serve a grilled Italian sausage on a hot dog bun, loaded with many condiments.

Hot Dogs:  Any way you look at it, the hot dog rules!  We love hot dogs, cooked any way, any time, any day.  

Grilled Panini Sandwich:  The year 2007 seems to be the year of the Panini, and I offer you our recipe that combines lots of meat, cheese, tomatoes and peppers, grilled indoors, on a George Foreman Grill.

Lamb Gyro Sandwich:  What do you do with your left over lamb, from the fantastic barbecue that you enjoyed the other night?  Simple:  Make Mediterranean-style lamb, gyro sandwiches!  You'll love them!

Grilled Steak Sandwich:  What could be simpler than a grilled steak sandwich?  Check out our recipe, as it will take your simple grilled steak sandwich to a whole new level.

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