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If you picture a grilled hot dog or hamburger as a charred thing, coated in burned barbecue sauce, slapped down on a cold bun, drowned in mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup, check out our recipes which will guide you through the correct process of grilling sausage, a burger or a hot dog to perfection.  This isn't your dad's grill anymore!  

Grilled Bratwurst with Cabbage:  This is probably the favorite tailgate special of all fans who attend N.F.L. football games, as its easy to grill, delicious, and, well... macho!

Grilled Bratwurst with Salsa:  Mid-America meets Mexico in this delicious recipe, as you put a special salsa on a grilled bratwurst, with delicious results.

Grilled Ultimate Cheeseburger:  Sure, maybe I'm stoking my ego, but this is the best cheeseburger that I've ever tasted.  The recipe is easy to follow and it will give you a whole new idea of what a cheeseburger is all about.

Ortega Burger:  Take a good cheeseburger, grill it to perfection, and add a grilled poblano chilie pepper, and you have a delicious ortega burger.

Texas-Style Cheeseburger:  This delicious burger not only captures the flavor of Tex-Mex cusine, but this giant burger will satisfy a Texas-size appetite.

Tijuana-Style Hot Dogs:  If you've ever eaten a hot dog in Tijuana, you know that sets them apart... They're wrapped in bacon and grilled to perfection!

Grilled Hot Dogs:  Is your idea of a hot dog one of those boiled things that you pay big bucks for at your local ball park, as you watch a baseball game?  For a whole new attitude on the hot dog, check out this recipe.

Carolina Syle Pulled Pork Sandwich:  A very popular sandwich in the Carolinas, you'll love your authentic recipe.


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