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Check out our recipes for poultry, fish, both fresh and saltwater, and seafood, and they will make a believer out of you.  We do not like our food burned on the outside and raw inside, and we will show you how to grill your meal to perfection. Our recipes are fun to make, relaxing to prepare, delicious to eat, and are low in calories and fat.

Poultry and seafood, smoked in your backyard smoker, long and slow over hickory chunks will make a barbecue believer out of you...

Jacquie's Sesame Grilled Chicken:  This delicious chicken is super easy to make, and has become a family favorite.  The secret is in the marinade, and how you sear the meat.

Chicken Drumsticks:  What do you do with that huge package of chicken drumsticks that you just purchased at your local supermarket?  Grill them!

Superbowl Chicken Drumsticks:  You don't have to wait for Superbowl to enjoy this delicious recipe, which combines two barbecue techniques to produce the perfect chicken.

Grilled Salmon Filets:  You'd be surprised how easy it is to perfectly grill salmon filets.  This recipe even shows you how to implant attractive grill marks.

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