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When you're reliving some of the more memorable vacations that you've enjoyed during your lifetime, what things tend to stick in your mind?  Luxurious accommodations?  The fun things you did?  All those rolls of 35mm film that you never had printed?  The place that served the best food? The little amenities? Friendly service?  Or if you're like me, perhaps some of the interesting people that you meet will be something that you'll remember.  If you enjoy meeting friendly, interesting people, click on the links and meet the friendly staff at Meling Ranch, a Baja California treasure.

Andrea Meling:  A descendent from the original Meling and Johnson families, Andrea is the current matriarch of the ranch, and is as nice a person as I've ever had the pleasure to meet.

The Girls:  These girls cook the meals, maintain the guest rooms, keep the grounds clean, and do just about everything to keep the ranch in operation.  They're friendly and nice people.

Ranch Hands:  The guys do the heavy maintenance at the ranch, keep the electricity going, and take care of the animals.  Not to mention that fact that they're also cowboys!

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