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The folks at Meling Ranch pride themselves on the outstanding food that they serve their guests, as the food is delicious, skillfully prepared, and you'll never go away hungry.  The food served at Meling Ranch  is a blend of traditional American comfort food, and Mexican, ranch-style cooking.  During my stay at Meling  Guest Ranch, I was in "food heaven," as every meal I ate at Meling Ranch was satisfying and delicious.  Click on the link of choice to join me for delicious meals at Ranch Meling.

Breakfast, Thursday, September 25, 2008:  Andrea, Antonia and Jicelia prepare a very delicious and creative breakfast, featuring cheesy eggs, salsa, potato pancakes, and more...

Dinner, Wednesday, September 24, 2008:  Roast beef, brown gravy, and all of the trimmings, and much more, created by the friendly staff at Meling Ranch.

Breakfast, Wednesday, September 24, 2008:  The staff at Meling Ranch prepared me a custom breakfast of fried eggs, refried beans, tortillas, homestyle potatoes, and more.  Simply delicious!

Dinner, Tuesday, Sepember 23, 2008:  I enjoy a delicious dinner of Carne Bistec, rice, refried beans, corn tortillas, and some of the best guacamole that I've ever had the pleasure to enjoy.

Breakfast, Wednesday, October 3, 2007:  I requested to eat in the kitchen with the staff, and to eat exactly what Andrea and the girls prepared for their fellow employees.

Dinner, Tuesday, October 2, 2007:  Tonight, I was served delicious, carne asada tostadas, cooked on Meling Ranch's fabulous wood-fired range

Breakfast, Tuesday, October 2, 2007:  Andrea asked me what I wanted for breakfast, and I requested fried eggs, refried beans, and corn tortillas, which are my favorite breakfast entrées.

Dinner, Monday, October 1, 2007:  Tonight's dinner was one of the best dinners that I've ever eaten!  Fried chicken, refried beans, corn tortillas, and much more...

Dinner, Sunday, September 30, 2007:  I enjoy a delicious dinner of fried steak, baked potato, fried zucchini squash, salsa and more...

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