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 A town is just a town, without character, unless you get to know its people.  In a small, friendly town, like Bahia Tortugas, it's easy to get to know people, as basically all you have to do is to be friendly, smile, and strike up a conversation.  I'm a great fan of "street photography," and I love to take candid photos of people, and you couldn't ask for more interesting subjects than the friendly folks who call Bahia Tortugas home.

Photo:  These two girls take out a pizza from No Name Pizza before the restaurant opened.  They must the owner, and they must love pizza, that is, literally, made by hand.

Photo:  In Bahia Tortugas and other coastal villages, it's legal to ride ATVs down city streets, as this gentleman does, down Calle Rio Jordan.

Photo:  Four teenage girls stroll along the beach, near the municipal pier.  Note the trimmed white poodle that the one girl carries.

Photo:  I thought drinking and driving was illegal in Mexico?  Evidently, this fellow hasn't got the message, as he reacts to the photo I snapped while he drove by me and waved at me.

Photo:  This adorable little girl is the grandaughter to Carlos, one of the owners of La Palapa restaurant, where I had the pleasure to enjoy a delicious lunch of fish tacos.

Photo:  Family enjoying a dat at the beach.  The waters of Bahia Tortugas aren't particularly inviting, as the water is cold, some areas are coated with a thin film of oil, and the beach itself isn't particularly clean.

Photo:  This gal supervises the two carpenters reparing her front porch railing.  Later in the day, when I passed this house, the guys were still hard at work.

Photo:  Despite the fact that my campera has a 10x optical zoom, this little girl spotted me taking the photo of her, and her siblings at play.

Photo:  Ernie's buddy, while holding his large bottle of beer, does a dance in front of Motel Nanci, for my camera. He, Ernie and I spent a bit of time together, drinking beer in the courtyard of the motel.

Bahia Tortugas is home to some of the friendlist people that I've ever had the chance to photograph, and I enjoyed every minute I spent in this small, out of the way Mexican town.

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