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Where did the summer go this year?  It's late October, just three days before Halloween, and fall is here and next weekend, the weather guessers predict that we'll be blessed with our first significant rain storm of the 2017-2018 rain year.

Oh, where did summer go?

Photo:  Sunday morning, October 29, 2017, the outside of house is decorated for Halloween.  With the deflated blow-ups, it's not very impressive by day, but the next photo shows it looks better at night.

Photo:  Saturday evening, October 28, 2017.  After dark, we have the lights and blow-ups connected to a timer, so at sundown they turn on, and we've adjusted them to stay on for four hours.  After that, our place goes dark.

Photo:  A small portion of the decorations in the entry room to the house.

Photo:  Summer is history and fall is definitely upon us, as the leaves on the neighbor's trees show.  I can't claim to contribute to the beautiful colors of fall in Roseville, as the only trees we have in front are two palm trees, and a Japanese maple tree that always seems to be wearing fall colors.

Photo:  It may be almost November, but the potted pansies in the back yard are still in full bloom, and soaking up the late October sun.

Photo:  The weather guys predict today will be the last 80-degree day of the year, so I plan to spend much of the afternoon relaxing on the patio, and enjoying the last "Indian summer" day of 2017.  The water temperature in the pool is 66 degrees - despite the solar heating - and if the mood strikes me, I may even take a dip on the pool on this beautiful Sunday afternoon.

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