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Tradition dictates on St. Patrick's Day, you drink a lot of beer, and enjoy corn beef and cabbage.  Since we're traditionalists, we did, like we do every year, and enjoyed St. Patrick's Day in fine style.

Photo:  St. Patrick's Day dinner of corn beer, potatoes, baby carrots, cabbage, and gravy.  Sharlene used the crock pot for everything except the cabbage.  First, she diced the potatoes and placed them in the bottom of the crock pot. Then, she added the baby carrots, and placed two corn beefs on top.  Rather than water for liquid, in true Irish fashion, she added a can of beer, and finally the spices that came with the meat.  She slow cooked the dinner for about eight hours, and made gravy out of the juice.  Boy, was this dinner ever delicious!

Photo:  Well, it's not exactly Irish, but a mug of Pacifico beer certainly tastes great, with a corn beef hash dinner.  It's great to dine outdoors on the patio, and on this warm March evening, I didn't even light the fire.

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