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It had been quite some time since I'd grilled burgers outside, and by Sunday, February 12, 2017, I was ready to enjoy grilled burgers, along with grilled potatoes, and stuffed jalapeņo peppers.

Photo:  Last summer, my niece from Minnesota, Sara, paid us a visit, and being the "foodie" she is, we talked food. She told me about a particular variant of a cheeseburger called a "Juicy Lucy," which is popular in the Minneapolis area.  This grabbed my interest, so I did a bit of "googling," and found the restaurants that serve the burger.  This got me to thinking, "Why don't I make a California version, one that takes decadent to the next level?"  Hence my cheese burgers today.

Meat for two burgers.  Each burger gets two 1/4-pound patties.  Each burger is filled with shredded cheese, and just for kicks, I added homemade barbecue "Texas Red-Eye" barbecue sauce, and sandwiched the patties together. Each patty will receive an additional square of cheese on the grill, along with bacon and more barbecue sauce. Click on the link for the recipe for the best barbecue sauce on the planet.

Photo:  Stuffed jalapeņo peppers, wrapped in bacon, ready for the grill.  I slit each pepper open, and dug out the seeds and stems, in order to keep the heat in check.  Into each pepper, I inserted a maple breakfast sausage, and filled the cracks with shredded cheese.  I wrapped each jalapeņo in bacon, and used a toothpick to hold each one together.

Photo:  Food is ready, and ready to remove from the grill.  I use a smoke box, under the grate, and it was loaded with mesquite chips and onion scraps, which are ideal for grilling burgers, jalapeņo peppers and potatoes.  I used a temperature of 350 degrees.  No, that's not celcius!

About five minutes before the burgers were ready, I brushed on barbecue sauce, and placed a square of cheese, and bacon on the burger.  Then I closed the lid, popped the top on a beer, and in five minutes, everything was ready.  Now, I've transformed meat into a decadent "Juicy Lucy" bacon cheeseburger.

Photo:  Tonight's dinner of a half-pound "Juicy Lucy", garnished with lettuce, onion and tomato.  The bun is a large bun, baked daily in one of our local supermarkets.  They're sold by the "each" and are much more substantial than the buns you buy in 8-packs.  I use mayonnaise, butter, and lots of mustard on my burgers.

Notice the grill marks on the potatoes?  I like to cut them in slices, and dip them in ketchup.

The stuffed jalapeņo peppers turned out just the way I like them, with crispy bacon on the outside, gooey cheese on the inside, along with a maple breakfast sausage.

Photo:  Close-up of the dinner I enjoyed, Sunday evening, February 12, 2017.  I will give myself a compliment, and I'll say the meal was delicious.  But, it's not for vegetarians or vegans...

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