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Carniceria Familia Lopez has been in Roseville for 20+ years, and is a well-respected business.  They cater to the Hispanic community, as they offer many food items, imported from Mexico, that cater to a "niche" market.  This is a "mom and pop" business, which I love, and support, but in the case of Carniceria Familia Lopez, I will never patronize them again, due to the hostile nature of the owner of the place.  He could be described, in rather non-polite terms, as a boor!  Alright, I don't usually use terms like that on this web site, but the term, "boor" describes the owner of this place quite well...

Photo:  Carniceria Familia Lopez Market occupies a rather imposing building on Melody Lane, off Criby Way, in Roseville. Lots of free and easy parking.  In addition to food, the place offers a full-service butcher shop which caters to the Hispanic community, and those who love Mexican food.  They are one of the few butcher shops in Roseville that can actually order a cabeza....

Photo:  Blurry photo... stay with me.  While I was waiting for my cabeza, I asked the food gal, Janet, who identified herself as the assistant manager of the restaurant, if I could take photos.  I told her about my "mission" and my web site.  She enthusistacally replied "YES!... take photos...  So, I backed up, and took this "grab shot" photo, and the owner of the restaurant, which is the dude in the left side of the photo, shouted, "No!  No!  No!  No photos!"  I didn't want to compromise the job of the gal who had, two minutes before, granted me permission to take photos, so I just put my camera away, and waited for my food to arrive.

After I received my food, and after "Mr. Dumb Ass" had prepared my cabeza for me, I patiently explained him my mission, explained this was free advertising, and gave him my business card.  No joy, as the dummy wouldn't budge from his "no photo" policy.  Sorry, my "friend," as my web site will give you bad publicity, and I will probably put you your of business, due to the thousands of people who follow my food postings.  It's your neck, not mine...

Photo:  It's Dr. Pepper time at Carniceria Familia Lopez Market, as the place is "dry," when it comes to beer or wine. Lunch, on Thursday, April 10, 2014, of carnitas, rice, beans, and corn tortillas, served in a styrafoam container, complete with plastic utensils, for $7.95!  Personally, for $7.95, I would think that you'd get, at the very least, a styrafoam plate, and maybe "real" utensils?  Maybe?  Perhaps?  OK, Caniceria Familia Lopez Market, you were able to provide me with an excellent cabeza, but due to the hostile nature of your owner, your over-priced, and, totally forgettable food, I will NEVER walk through your door again.  Like Mr. Subs, nearby, this restaurant deserves to be a victim of the current recession, and every, recession afterwards.  When I'm in the mood to order a cabeza, I'll go elsewhere.  

As far as Mexican food is concerned, go elsewhere, as this place just serves pre-made stuff, and it's pretty mainstream, and entirely forgettable.  Check out the photo of my food... Mmmmm... styrafoam. Really?

After the hostility I experienced from the owner, I should have refused to pay for my order, and I should have refused to pay for the cabeza that I ordered, two days previous.  Why did I not refuse?  I have honor... I ordered the food, I ordered the cabeza, and I always do the "right" thing by sticking to my obligations.  But I have honor, so I paid for my questionable meal, and took home a cabeza to grill.

After I picked up my cabeza, from Mr. Lopez, the owner of the place... $25.00!!!!  Yikes!!!!   I chatted with him,  and carefully explained to him what I do, and gave him a business card.  He didn't back down from his "no photo" policy...  So, Mr. Lopez, enjoy your carniceria, as I will never walk into your door again.  

So why do I waste my time to publish a article on a hostile, and unfriendly place like this?  It ties in with my barbacoa post, which is the major reason why I'm doing this write-up.  I nearly walked away from my order of a cabeza, but, I am an honorable person, I ordered the damn thing, so I purchased it, and I kept my word.  But, due to the hostile nature of the owner of this place, I will do my business elsewhere, and I will NEVER enter the doors of this place again.  

Carniceria Familia Lopez Market
1000 Melody Lane
Roseville, CA 95678
916 786-9457

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