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The CA4WDC Panamint Valley Days is held the second weekend every November, and it's one of the premiere four wheel drive events of the year.  Join us, as we attended the 23rd annual Panamint Valley Days, 2008.

Panamint Valley Days, 2008, Base Camp:  We set up camp and take a look around Panamint Valley Days Base Camp, including the safety check and registration, and lots of happy campers.

Chef Andy's Ruff Rock Run Caf:  You don't have to cook or wash dishes when you attend Panamint Valley Days, as Chef Andy and his crew serve delicious meals during the event.

Saturday Night BBQ Dinner:  Chef Andy cooked 300 pounds of beef, roasted in a primitive, wood-fired pit for 14 hours, served with everything you  expect... which was the highlight event of Panamint Valley Days!

Friday Afternoon Lookout City Sunset Run:  We attended the Friday afternoon run to the ghost town of Lookout City, high in the Argus mountains.

Back Door to Darwin Falls Saturday Run:  The easy and scenic four wheel drive route, along the old toll road, into the historic mining town of Darwin.  It's not a ghost town, but pretty close to it...

Charcoal Kilns in the Snow:  On a rainy Sunday morning, we broke camp, and made tracks for Towne Pass, Auguerberry Point, and the historic Charcoal Kilns, and enjoyed the early November snow!

Hike to Lower Darwin Falls:  I took the short hike to the remarkable Lower Darwin Falls, a true oasis in the desert, only three miles or so from Panamint Springs Resort.

Big Four Mine:  I drove past Lake Hill, and then make the hike up the canyon to the remains of Big Four Mine, and beyond.

Our PVD 2008 Camp:  We set up a tent camp at Panamint Valley Days 2008 base camp, and we enjoyed a rather interesting experience Saturday night, during a gusty wind storm.

About Panamint Valley Days 2008:  What is Panamint Valley Days?  What happens during the event?  Article is all about the CA4WDC's Panamint Valley Days, 2008.

Panamint Springs Resort:  After CA4WDC's Panamint Valley Days ends, we just couldn't get enough of Panamint Valley,  so we spent three wonderful nights at Panamint Springs Resort.  

Panamint Springs Restaurant:  Fine, rustic dining, as the restaurant at the restort serves delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner, every day of the week.  Great full service bar for your enjoyment...

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