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It's a long tradition that the City of Roseville sponsors a Fourth of July parade down Vernon Street, in the heart of downtown Roseville every year.   This 4th of July, 2018 was no exception, as every like neary every year I headed to downtown Roseville to watch the parade.  I had a lot of company, as it seemed like every Rosevillian had the same idea as I did!  It's a great civic and patriotic parade, and today's parade lasted just over an hour.  After the parade, a family celebration was held in nearby Royer Park, which included food, games and a band concert.  Good times!

Photo:  Today's parade started out with eight City of Roseville motorcycle police officers riding in formation, and doing many trick maneuvers to demonstrate their riding skill.  Today was the first time I'd seen a police motorcycle up close, and I was surprised at the amount of equipment they carry on their bikes.

Photo:  There is no doubt this is Roseville's annual 4th of July parade, as this "super" team followed the motorcycle officers, officially starting the parade.  The fourth this year fell on a Wednesday, and this was the coolest 4th of July that I can ever remember, as at 9 in the morning, when the parade started, the temperature was in the low '60's, and the predicted high was only supposed to reach 83, which is a good 20 degrees below the normal 4th of July temperature in sunny Roseville.

Photo:  The color guard, followed by a period military Jeep.  The parade always marches on Vernon Street, in downtown Roseville, which just happens to be the route of historic U.S. Route 40.  I like the watch the parade near the corner of Vernon and Judah Streets, a few blocks from the beginning, as the crowds are much thinner than near the Civic Center, where the announcer is located.

Photo:  The Fire Department was well represented as a long fire engine was present, with a fireman steering the rear wheels.  They even brought a "comfort" dog to tag along.

Photo:  One of the area Girl Scout troops who participated in today's parade.

Photo:  Behind the first Girl Scout troop there seemed to be many onlookers who made a snap decision to join the parade.  As far as I'm concerned, the more the merrier.

Photo:  Both these ladies wear bands that read "Greater Placer County," and I'm not exactly sure of their titles, but they certainly looked good in the parade.  The large float following them is from a local car wash.

Photo:  There was a group of unicycle riders - most of them conventional - except for this guy on the big, skinny wheeled vehicle.  This guy did figure-8's as he moved forward.  I've never seen anybody ride a contraption like this, and I marveled at his skill.

Photo:  Roseville's Moose Lodge was in the parade on this mid Wednesday morning.

Photo:  Two Placer County Queens smile and wave at the crowd.

Photo:  Although Placer County is as "red" as Kansas - not unusual for the eastern and northern areas of California - there is a small gay and lesbian community, and some of their members marched in today's parade.  Although Placer County is around 75% Republican, we are very tolerant and embrace all communities.

Photo:  The Citrus Heights Community Marching Band, from the nearby city of Citrus Heights, put on quite a show, playing patriotic and marching music.  This band has members ranging in age from middle school to senior citizens.

Photo:  This rather colorful group if in-line skaters ranges in age from small children to the gentleman with the gray beard holding the flag.

Photo:  I love these guys!  The "Moustache and Beard Social Club" shows up in the parade every year, and they never fail to entertain.  ZZ Top is alive and well in the greater Sacramento area.  

Photo:  Local band, "Vino Banditos," who play "old school" rock and soul music were the last float of today's parade.  It always sounds great to hear "old school" rock music during a parade, as it is a contrast from a typical brass marching band.

Photo:  Last but not least, the tireless street sweeper, driven by a smiling public works guy, who tooted his horn and waved at the crowd, much to the delight of the many small children.  This guy had an easy job, as there were no horses in the parade this year.

Everybody loves a parade, and everybody loves the annual 4th of July parade, held in downtown Roseville, CA.

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