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Here's a list of restaurants we've enjoyed during visits to the state of Baja California Sur.  

Asadero El Cebo:  This small, family owned and operated restaurant features delicious carne asada tacos, and more, cooked over mesquite coals.

Restaurante El Moroco:  Offers great food, and elegant dining, in a very interesting dining room.  If you're a fan of John Wayne and spaghetti westerns, dine at this restaurant!

La Palapa:  Family owned and operatd, this friendly restaurant features panoramic views of the harbor, a full-servie bar, and great seafood tacos.

Hot Dog Negro:  World-famous, world-class hot dogs, Negro offers the best hot dogs in town.  Juan's hot dogs are too good to pass up!

No Name Pizza:  This pizza restaurant may not have a name, but they serve surprisingly good pizza at very reasonable prices.

Tienda Roja:  This full service convienience grocery store offers pre-made tortas, which are quite good, but don't attempt to purchase beer on Sunday.

Bahia Tortugas Dining Scene:  Where are the street vendors?  Why are so many restaurants closed?  Hard times have hit Bahia Tortugas; this section provides a bit of insight.

Tour of Bahia Tortugas:  Motel Nanci, the beach, the road from Highway 1, the people, this chapter contains the most comprehensive information that you'll find on the web about life in Bahia Tortugas.

Taqueria Yanny:  Located at the small town of Vizcano, this mom and pop restaurant serves full course meals, and delicious carne asada tacos.

Puerto Viejo:  This restaurant's slogan is "Desayunos y Comidas Economicas" and the specialize in delicious Mexican breakfast platters for the small price of MEX $25.00.  Delicious food with fast, friendly service.

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