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Saurday, January 29, 2011, my wife Sharlene and I had been out persuing one of our favorite activities - shopping at the mall - which on a busy Saturday, can be an exhausting experience, and can make a person downright hungry.  So after a busy morning of shopping, we did the only logical thing and made a beeline to the Squeeze Inn, which produces, many clain, the best burger in the greater Sacramento area.

Photo:  On this busy Saturday afternoon, there's a seldom-open parking spot, that offers "rock star" parking directly in front of Squeeze Inn, which is a popular place to be in Roseville, CA on a foggy afternoon in January. Squeeze Inn is located in a modern, upscale strip mall, just a couple of blocks off busy Interstate 80.

Squeeze Inn started out years ago in a tiny "squeeze in" building (with all of eight stools inside at the counter, and a couple of picnic tables outside) in south Sacramento, and has since become a Sacramento burger icon; many people feel that Squeeze Inn serves the best burger in the greater Sacramento area, but I can't really comment, nor can I endorse that statement.  Squeeze Inn has gone through several ownership changes, and the original outlet was closed down, over an issue regarding handicap access, but as of early 2011, Squeeze Inn has expanded to exactly three outlets... we chose to visit the outlet in Roseville, where we live.  Ownership, buildings and locations may have changed over the years with Squeeze Inn, but the delicious burger, and the "halo of cheese" hasn't changed, and Squeeze Inn produces a burger that will bring a smile to anyone who is a connoisseur of a delicious burger.  Read on to enjoy our experience...

Photo:  There are folks waiting in line to order, and seating can be a challenge, as this place is busy!  The line moves fast, the staff is very efficient and friendly, and the customers are happy, and the food is good!

Photo:  The kitchen is in plain view, so you can see your burger being created.  Squeeze Inn offers kitchen-view seating, as the gentleman at the far right of the photo seated at the counter, where he can get a good view of all that happens in the kitchen.

Photo:  Cheryl brings our "Squeeze Burgers," along with a large order of fries that we were to share.  To quote the menu, "Squeeze Burger... Our famous 1/3 lb. 100% Beef Burger with all the fixins.  Mayo, Mustard, Tomato, Pickles, Onions on a Sesame Seed Bun."   Sharlene asked them to hold the onions and add mushrooms on her burger, which the cheerfully did, and our burgers arrived to our table hot and perfect. When you place your order at the cash register, you pay for it after placing your order, and then your order is ready, Cheryl, or one of the other girls, will wander about, with your order on a try, calling your name.  The burgers are surrounded by a "halo" of fried cheese, which is a trademark, and a tradition at Squeeze Inn.

Photo:  Cheryl managed to snap this photo of Sharlene and I with one hand, while she was holding on to her burger tray.  How she managed to compose this photo, and to stay in focus, is beyond me... my hat goes off to her. Thanks to a great burger and a great photograph!

Photo:  Fries and a Squeeze Burger, complete with it's "halo" of fried cheese.  Many people claim that this is the best burger in the greater Sacramento area, and I don't know, as I'm not a very good judge of burgers, as I love 'em all, but this burger is YARDS above anything served on the fast food scene, and is a burger that will put a smile on your face and keep you going for a long, long time.

OK, an honest evaluation of Squeeze Inn?  The burger is good, waaaay good!!!  It's big, juicy, and comes loaded with fresh condiments, as the menu promises.  You WILL NOT GO AWAY HUNGRY!  This burger is YARDS ahead of anything offered at any fast food joint.  The people are friendly, and we were impressed that our sever came around to chat with us, and to ask us if we were enjoying our burgers, despite the fact that there was a line to order counter, and every table was full.  The burgers are gooooood.... the only criticism is that both Sharlene and I thought they were a little on the salty side, but we are both very sensitive to salt, so maybe that's just us.  We enjoyed two "Squeeze Burgers," a large order of fries, which we split between us, and two large all-you-can-drink soft drinks, and the price was just a tad over $21.00, which was very reasonable, considering the quality and the quantity of the delicious food, and the friendly service.  Squeeze Inn is a winner!

The Squeeze Inn
106 N. Sunrise Blvd. Ste. C1
Roseville, CA 95661
916 783-2874

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