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There must be something in the air near the corner of Foothills and Junction Blvds. as there are FOUR pizza restaurants all clustered near the same corner!  Each restaurant is unique, but if you want to combine delicious pizza, with a sports bar-like atmosphere, and add some of the friendliest people in Roseville, than look no further than Original Pete's Pizza_Pasta_Grill.

Photo:  Original Pete's is located at the eastern end of a very quiet shopping center, and offers plenty of save, convenient parking.  Lucky me, as I only live a couple of miles from Pete's, so it's within walking distance for me, which makes it easy to enjoy a pint or two with no worries.  If you don't care to drive or walk, Original Pete's will deliver everything on their menu.

Photo:  Original Pete's decor very much resembles a sports bar, and offers a variety of tables, and seating at the bar.  The pizza oven is in the center of the photo, and the open kitchen is to right, behind the dishes stacked on the counter.  I sat at the bar stool on the end, just to the left-center of the photo.  On this late Tuesday morning, Octiber 29, 2013, I arrived just after the restaurant had opened, and nearly had the place to myself, but when I left, an hour or so later, the restaurant was packed. Note the menu boards with list the large beer selection.

Photo:  Original Pete's is serious about "old school" pizza making, as they twirl the dough by hand.  As I sat at the bar, Al and his helper put on quite a show, as I enjoyed watching them twirl the dough, and I noted they didn't miss, as the dough came out perfect, after every twirl.

Photo:  Any restaurant that features an open kitchen advances a couple steps up my ladder, and from my vantage point at the bar, as was able to check out the open kitchen in action, and watch the friendly staff in action.  Yes, Original Pete's Pizza_Pasta_Grill features this open kitchen.

Photo:  I chose to order the "Pizza Lover's Dream" from the LUNCH SPECIALS section of the menu - more on my selection in couple of paragraphs - and my friendly server, Mandy seemed to think it a bit hilarious that I asked to snap her picture.  Oh course, as I love to photograph beautiful women!

Photo:  "Pizza Lover's Dream" starts out with a house salad, which includes shredded carrots, cucumbers, jack and cheddar cheese, with croutons, on a bed of garden fresh lettuce.  I chose Ranch dressing, which was a treat for me, as I rarely order salad dressing.  The vegetables were crisp, fresh and perfectly blended.  Note the croutons are placed on top of the dressing, to enhance the presentation, and to avoid becoming mushy from the dressing. A pint of "India Pale Ale" helped to get things rolling...

Photo:  Al Rosenberg, owner of the restaurant, delivers my personal-size pizza to me, with a smile.  As I walked into the restaurant, I was greeted and welcomed by Al.  It wasn't just me - and my charming personality, lol - as he personally greeted everybody that came in, and knew many of the patrons by name.  At first I didn't tell him what I was up to - in regards to a write-up of his fine restaurant - and after I took a few photos, he jokingly kidded me, and said, "I know this restaurant is fantastic, but it can't be all that great to take that many pictures."  At that point, I told him my "mission," and he thanked me for the review that I was to publish.  Note:  Al, you thanked me before you read this?  Such confidence in me...!  Al told me that he's the original owner of the business, and has built the restaurant "from scratch," and they've been operating for 19 years.  With the great pizza and the friendly service, here's to the next 19 years!

Photo:  I asked Al to snap my photo, with my delicious lunch.  Photo gives another view of the attractive and comfortable dining room.  Notice the television screen on the wall, as there are television screens so you won't miss any sporting event as you enjoy a delicious pizza.

Photo:  From the LUNCH SPECIALS, I ordered a "Pizza Lover's Dream."  Pete's menu describes it as follows:  "This pizza for one comes with your choice of two toppings.  Served with a cup of soup or a house salad, $7.99.  Make it a specialty pizza for only $2.00 more."  In my case, I opted for two toppings, and I chose pineapple and ham; can you say Hawaiian?  Quite a deal for $7.99!  Naturally the beer was extra...  Original Pete's menu states their mission:  "Our Goal Is Simple:  Good Food and Good Beer.  Let's Eat!"  I can identify with their core values...

Photo:  Close-up of my two-topping pizza, and this pizza is even more delicious than it looks in the photo! Everything about this pizza is perfect, including the lightly browned crust, the seared ham and pineapple, and the lightly-browned, bubbly cheese.  For $7.99 including a house salad, this is a real "deal" for lunch!

Original Pete's Pizza_Pasta_Grill makes a quality pizza, which is as good as it gets, and the super-friendly atmosphere in Pete's which really stands out, as the owner, Allan Rosenberg, is smiling, friendly, greets every patron, and makes you feel like family.  Combine the great food, outstanding service, the fun, sports bar-like atmosphere, along with a vast array of beer on tap, and you've got an the right combination for good times and delicious pizza.

Original Pete's Pizza_Pasta_Grill
5005 Foothills Blvd.
Suite 5
Roseville, CA 95747
916 786-2165

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