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I've been pretty busy cruising Roseville and dining at Mexican restaurants, as I must admit that I love Mexican food more than anything... even more than hamburgers?  On Vernon Street, on the east side of the railroad tracks, in downtown Roseville, there is a little gem of a Mexican restaurant, by the name of Nela's Mexican Restaurant - it used to be called Eva's - and on Saturday, March 8, 2014, Sharlene and I finally got around to enjoying a fine lunch at Nela's...

Photo:  At this writing, ongoing construction makes it a little hard to find the right door, as the "other" door seems to allow only egress from the inside of the restaurant... The only sign is the small sign in the window that reads "Mexican Restaurant," as shown in the photo.  Nela's Mexican Restaurant is located next to the now-shuttered, "Sammy Hagar's..."  Sadly, I never had the opportunity to visit Sammy's...

Photo:  Surprisingly, the restaurant has a rather large dining room.  Booths line the walls, and tables are placed in the center, which allows for very flexible seating.  Photo was taken actually just before we left, about 1400 on this Saturday, March 8, 2014, but when we first arrived, about an hour earlier, the restaurant was packed with happy diners.

Photo:  At Nela's Mexican Restaurant, you get two varieties of salsa:  A fresh, "salsa cruda," which is very mild, and a hotter variety, served in a squeeze bottle that you pour into a small dish for dipping.  Note the chips, which are made "in house," and are quite thick and are able to hold up to any dip.  Nela's has some of the best chips that I've enjoyed during my eating adventures at Mexican restaurants in Roseville.  Ah, the "Pacifico" beer works wonders too...

Photo:  A small salad is included with the price of lunch.  The salad is nothing special, as it's mostly lettuce, with slices of carrot and cabbage.  But, it's fresh, and it's a salad!  Sharlene and I asked for dressing on the side, so we were rewarded with a small cup of creamy ranch dressing, served on the side, as per our request.  In my humble opinion, too much dressing spoils a salad.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Nela, brings my "Carnitas Plate" to the table.  If her name seems familiar, she shares the name of "Nela," her mother, who owns the restaurant.  Nela's Mexican Restaurant is a friendly, family owned and operated restaurant...

Photo:  My "Carnias Plate" is in the foreground, and Sharlene's choice of "Chicken Flauntas" is in the background of the photo.  Truly a delicious lunch!

Photo:  Oh, yes!  ... My "Carnitas Plate!"  Check out the big pieces of carnitas, which is different, as the "usual" protocol of carnitas is shredded, and not in chunks, as per the photo.  However, if you're a lover of carnitas, the carnitas served at Nela's Mexican Restaurant are good,  really GOOD, and ditto can be said for the rice and beans, as they're really GOOD as well.  The salad was fresh, and the presentation was, in one word, "beautiful,"  In more words, it could be described as a "work of art."  The taste test rendered the lunch a gobble-down, delicious meal. As seen in the photo, the lunch was HUGE, and I was full for the rest of the day.  Life at Nela's is good!

Photo:  Sharlene and I, enjoying lunch.  Photo taken by our gracious server, Nela.  Thanks, honey!

Nela's Mexican Restaurant is definitely a hidden treasure in downtown Roseville.  Yes, due to the construction activity, it's a little hard to find, but it's definitely worth the effort, as the food is some of the best to be found in Roseville, the price is right, and the people are friendly.  Nela's Mexican Restaurant is truly a wonderful restaurant, and served delicious Mexican cuisine.

Nela's Mexican Restaurant
242 Vernon St
Roseville, CA 95678
916 783-9992

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