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Let me see if I can say this in one breath... Legends at Woodcreek Oaks Sports Bar and Grill... OK, I said it!  That's a long name, but the restaurant is truly a "legend" and it's only a half hour walk from my place!  The burgers are great, the big screen tv's are always tuned in to your favorite sporting event, the beer is cold, and the staff is friendly.

Photo:  Located with a view of the adjoining the golf course, Legends and Hero's features lots of comfortable outdoor, patio dining.  However on this chilly evening, December 17, 2013, there are no takers to dine outside... Yes, it was fun to snap the photo, but on this 30-degree evening, I prefer to dine at the bar.

Photo:  Legends and Hero's has an interesting arrangement, as there are TWO dining rooms, each with a very distinct atmosphere.  The "sports" dining room features high, barrista-style tables, lots of big screen televisions, and... THE BAR.  As for your dining pleasure, you can perch yourself on a stool at the bar, or take a seat at one of the tables.  It's all comfortable dining!

Photo:  The "second," very family-friendly dining room, is deserted on this late Tuesday evening in mid-December. When the Sacramento Breakfast Club meets here for breakfast in a couple of days, we'll be seated in this room.

Photo:  My friendly server Sara, and a patron, make a statement about the basketball game playing on the television.

Photo:  My friendly server, Sara, serves me the "Legends Burger" that I ordered.  Of course, to go along with it, I enjoyed a 22-oz glass of draught beer.

Photo:  Yep, that's "me," getting ready to enjoy a "Legends Burger" and fries...  What is the WS6L hat stuff?  Well... the third Tuesday of the month, the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club, which I am a member of, meets at Legends and Hero's.  So, it's nice to be able to enjoy a brew-ha-ha during the club meeting, and if I'm in the mood, to enjoy a burger after the meeting.  

Photo:  Here's you basic, "Legends Burger," which is the most basic burger on the menu.  Basic is just a word, as this burger is DELICIOUS and LEGENDARY!  You get a 1/3 pound of Angus beef, cooked to your specifications - I ordered "medium" - and it's served on a half foot, poppyseed bun.  You get lettuce, onion, tomato slices and more on the bun.  Oh!  What about the dill pickle slice on the plate?  Add it to the burger...  The burger is served open-faced, so you add all of the "goodies," and, in my case, I added mayonnaise, as provided in the small cup, an mustard, as brought to my place at the bar by my friendly server, Sara.  Not shown in the photos... I added ketchup for my fries.  Yes, I know that ketchup is for "kids," but when it comes to fries, I love to dip 'em in ketchup. I also used some of the leftover mayonnaise for fry dipping... OK, that's strange, but you have to remember that I'd just emerged from a 2-hour ham radio club meeting, and I was ready to get back into the real world.  Keep in mind the burgers at Legends and Hero's are good, the staff is friendly, and life is good in general!

Photo:  Tuesday, January 21, 2014, I visited Legends and was amazed to learn they had a burger special that evening.  ANY burger on their menu was priced at only $6.99, including the legendary "California Burger," which is normally priced at $11.95, so how could I refuse?  "California Burger" starts with a half-pound beef patty, cooked just the way you like it - in my case medium - on a large, toasted bun.  The burger includes bacon, avocado, cheese, tomato, lettuce and red onion. Condiments, such as mustard, ketchup and mayonnaise are brought to you, and served on the side.  The burger is so big that it's held together with a toothpick, which is always a good thing. It's big, messy, juicy, and truly a handful, which adds up to a heck-of-a-burger!  The meat was cooked just the way I like it, the buns were toasted, yet chewy, the cheese was melted, the bacon was plentiful and cooked perfectly, and the veggies were fresh.  Indeed, the "California Burger" is a great burger!  And, priced at only $6.99? Holy Toledo!  As during my last visit, I was served by friendly Sara, who remembered that I was one of the members of the radio club, and welcomed me back to Legends and Hero's.  

Photo:  March 18, 2014 was another radio club meeting, and a Tuesday, and since tonight was burger night at Legends, after the radio club meeting, it was time for a burger.  As mentioned before, any burger on the menu is only $6.99 on Tuesday, so tonight, I decided to go with one of their premium burgers, the "Bacon Swiss Burger. The burger is based on a third-pound patty of premium beef, and it's piled high with Swiss cheese, bacon, and the usual condiments.  Tonight, I decided to try potato salad rather than fries.  Like the other burgers I've enjoyed at Legends and Hero's, this burger was cooked perfectly, juicy, and everything about it was delicious.  Remember, Tuesday is "Burger Night" at Legends and Hero's!

Photo:  After the radio club meeting on Tuesday, July 15, 2014, I did my usual "thing" and bellied up to the bar, to enjoy a 22-oz draught beer, and a "Jumbo Dog."  More on the dog later... As on most Tuesday evenings, friendly Sara was tending bar, and taking drink and food orders.  No worries about a DUI on my part, as I was walking.

Photo:  I raise my beer mug and toast to friendly Sara, and the good food, and good people at Legends and Heroes.

Photo:  Tonight, I enjoyed a "Jumbo Dog" and an order of fries, but I could have opted for either coleslaw or potato salad instead.  Both options are delicious, but I LOVE FRIES!  The menu describes a "Jumbo Dog" as, "Big quarter pound Hebrew National Brand dog on a toasted roll.  The dog is pretty naked, as it only comes with a slice of dill pickle, and a small bowl of ranch-like dipping sauce.  I loaded it with the pickle slice and lots of mustard, and went to town on it, and used the sauce to dip my fries into.  Such a great dog!  I love Legends and Heroes and I love their dog!  By the way, the menu includes three varieties of dogs, all built around the "Jumbo Dog," so hopefully, at some point in time, I'll get the chance to sample all of them.

Photo:  Tuesday, September 16, 2014, after the meeting of the Western Placer Amateur Radio Club, I bellied up to the bar and ordered a plate of "Baja Fish Tacos."  The plate of tacos, rice and beans is normally priced at $11.95, but all of their "South of the Border" entrees were priced at $7.95 on this Tuesday night, so I decided to give their tacos the old "college try."

Photo:  Actually, I was in the mood for a burger, but since all "South of the Border" entrees were priced tonight at $7.95, I decided to order "Baja Fish Tacos."  The menu describes this as, "Three corn or flour tortillas filled with breaded tilapia, shredded lettuce, cheese, pico de gallo, creamy Baja sauce and fresh lime, served with cilantro rice and house beans.  The meal was delicious, but I really don't know how "Baja" it was, as these tacos were a long ways from some of the tacos that I've enjoyed during my tavels to San Felipe, Mexico, and other "fish taco" locations.  That being said, they were delicious, and I enjoyed my dinner.

Legends is "THE" place to hang out in west Roseville as the food is delicious, the price is right, the beer is cold, and the staff  and the other friendly patrons will welcome you, and make you feel at home.  The atmosphere is like the television show "Cheers" as Legends and Hero's is a hang-out place for the west Roseville locals, like me.  Great food, great beer, and great people make Legends and Hero's a true "Legend!"

Legends at Woodcreek
5880 Woodcreek Oaks Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95747
916 771-5161

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