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We're always on the lookout for a place that features homestyle, country cooking, and caters to the taste of local residents.  We have a tendency to pass on the national chain restaurants, as it doesn't make a difference if your dining in San Diego or Boston, the decor, service and the menus are nearly identical, and all of that takes away the romance, intrigue, and the adventure in dining.  We prefer a restaurant that features a menu that caters to local tastes, and we were happy to discover that Susie's Country Oaks Café features a menu, and a decor, that caters to the taste of Roseville, California, residents.  Since we are Roseville locals, what better place to enjoy a fine breakfast than Susie's?

Left:  Susie's facade is quite modest, and its located in a small shopping center not far from Interstate-80.  On a Sunday morning, the servers are very busy pouring coffee, from endless coffee pots.

Susie's is locally owned and operated and features two locations in Roseville, one on Cirby Way, and the other on Auburn-Folsom Road, in the extreme eastern region of Roseville, known as Granite Bay.  The Cirby Way location is only a couple of miles from our home, and is only a quarter of a mile from the Interstate, and as we were headed to Reno for a few days of hitting the Jackpot, it Susie's seemed like a natural way to begin our mini-vacation.  

Photo:  Inside Susie's main dining room, with the counter and the kitchen to the left of the photo.  Notice the busy atmosphere, and the mural on the wall in the upper right corner of the photo.  

Sunday, September 23, 2007, at about 10:00 in the morning, we walked into Susie's front door and were immediately greeted by a grinning, friendly server, who proceeded to seat us in the back dining room.  Well, I put the kibosh to that, as I'm the "man with the camera," and I prefer to be seated close to the action.  No problem, as we were seated close to the counter, where we were able to get a good look at the kitchen, and the servers in actions, which was exactly the viewpoint that I desired.  Immediately after we were seated, our friendly waitress, Sonya introduced herself, and proceeded to bring menus and coffee to our table.  Yess!!!

Photo:  The busy counter, the busy servers, and the busy kitchen.  Note the girl to the right of the photo places a written order on an old-school wheel; it appears that Susie's is not all that high-tech!  That's a good thing...

If you're looking for action on a Sunday morning, Susie's Country Oaks Café is the place to be, as the restaurant is absolutely packed with local diners, and are catered to a staff of at least five folks in the kitchen, and ten or so attentive servers.  Susie's motto is "Homestyle Cooking," and the decor of the restaurant fits that mold, as its family-oriented, comfortable, and reflects local tastes, especially noted by the large mural on the north wall of the main dining room that reflects local history, especially the railroad tradition that Roseville has enjoyed since the transcontinental railroad was completed in the 1860's.  Back to Sunday morning reality:  Susie's is packed with local customers, staffed by many wonderful and attentive servers, and even though the place is busy, you won't be neglected!

If you're looking for a place to take your hottie dinner date, forget about Susie's, as they're open 7 days a week from 0530 in the morning until 1500 in the afternoon, and yes, they don't serve dinner.  They're closed Thanksgiving and Christmas.  Since I'm a HUGE fan of breakfast, I admire a restaurant that serves only breakfast and lunch, as their menu, and their mind-set, shows you where their priorities are located.  So you'd better think about taking your "hot" dinner date somewhere else to enjoy the night life...

Photo:  Sonya places my order of "Huevos Country Oaks" on the table, as Sharlene approvingly looks on.  My wife supports my hobby in taking photos, and doing write-ups of places where we have the pleasure to enjoy a meal.

Romance, decor and menu selections aside, most people judge a restaurant by the quality of the food, the presentation, the service, and the overall value of the meal.  Our orders arrived promptly, delivered by our friendly server Sonya, who was happy to answer the many questions that I asked about the restaurant, and practically everything else.  I especially love a server who will endure my photos, especially when I have to "stage" a photo, but in the case of Sonya, and Susie's Country Oaks Café, no photos were staged, as everything just fell into place. Sharlene ordered a rather traditional breakfast of bacon, scrambled eggs, homestyle potatoes and toast, but I did a small walk on the wild side and ordered a dish from the menu, known as "Huevos Country Oaks."  Due to my Mexican heritage, I rarely pass up a entrée that has its roots in Southwestern or Mexican cuisine, and I wasn't disappointed, as "Huevos Country Oaks" features two eggs fried the way you like 'em, (in my case, the eggs were fried over easy, which is my default...) placed on corn tortillas, topped with the in-house made chili and cheese.  Served on the side are in-house made salsa, sour cream and refried beans.  Oh boy!

Photo:  Huevos Country Oaks, in my face, and up-close and personal.  Geez!!  What a great breakfast!

Susie's Country Oaks Café features fresh, innovative food, which caterers to the tastes of local Roseville residents. Susie's is spotlessly clean, serves delicious, homestyle meals, and is staffed by some of the friendliest folks that you'll have the pleasure to meet in western Placer Country.  The portions are HUGE, the coffee is delicious, and their prices are very reasonable.  We highly recommend that you pay Susie's a visit!

Susie's Country Oaks Cafe
500-G Cirby Way
Roseville, CA. 95678
916 786-0274

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