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You may recall a couple of years ago I published an article about my visit to El Abajeņo Tacos, which at the time was a taco truck parked in the vicinity of Roseville's landmark icon of Denio's Farmers' Market.  The taco truck was open during flea market hours, on weekends only, but they did a land office business, in fact they were one of the busiest taco trucks that I'd ever seen.  Click on this link to read about my visit to El Abajeņo Tacos, back in June of 2007.

Photo:  El Abajeņo Tacos is located on a quiet residential street, near Denio's Auction Yard.  I caught them at a slow time, as their parking lot is usually full on Sunday mornings.  Note the outdoor dining on the porch.

During my visits to Denio's last year, I noticed that El Abajeņo's taco truck was gone, and a restaurant seemed to be rising on the spot, just like a phoenix rising from the ashes.  During the construction phase, the taco truck was nowhere to be seen, which was probably a good thing for their nearby competition  The construction seemed to proceed very slowly, perhaps due to the poor economy, but the restaurant finally opened in September, 2008.  Due to many reasons, I wasn't able to pay the new El Abajeņo Tacos a visit until January 4, 2009.

Photo:  The busy counter and kitchen.  Note the trays of condiments placed on the counter and the menu above the counter.  Quite a change from their taco truck days.

The visit wasn't exactly planned, as I was out on my daily walk, and just happened to be in the vicinity, and the place didn't look crowded, which is unusual, so I said "What the heck, vamos," and I walked inside.  I didn't even bring my camera; I used my cell phone to take the photos for this article, which is a first for me.

What a difference from the taco truck days!  The restaurant is spotlessly clean, modern and seems to be very efficient.  The same family still runs the place, but they seem to have more people working, as they had at least four people in the kitchen, and one girl taking orders, and another girl doing waitress work. Stainless steel trays of condiments are placed on the counter for easy access for the staff; they place condiments on your tacos, as ther restaurant isn't self serve. The dining room, if you can call it that is very small, as it only has three tables, but there are plenty of tables outside.  In Roseville, outdoor dining is a pleasant alternative to indoor dining, as we enjoy suitable weather about 10 months of the year.  Unlike the taco truck days, the restaurant features a printed menu above the counter, and offers take-home menus as well as they do a brisk catering and party business.  Not only does the menu feature several varieties of tacos, but burritos, tortas, quesadillas, enchiladas, birria and other Mexican delights are offered.  As a departure from their taco truck heritage, El Abajeņo Tacos is open 7 days a week. My have times changed!

Photo:  The girl to the extreme right of the photo takes your order and your money.  Note the refrigerator filled with Mexican soft drinks; the restaurant doesn't sell liquor, beer or wine.  A customer just gave the girl a bag of oranges.

I didn't feel very adventuresome, so I ordered two carne asada tacos, with all the trimmings, for only $1.25 each. The price for tacos didn't change from my last visit from two years ago.  As I sat at a table waiting for my order, I watched the busy staff greet customers and prepare tacos.  Everybody seemed very busy, and this was a slow day for the restaurant, as it's usually packed on Sunday mornings.  Nobody really seemed to notice me, so I was able to snap a few photos with the camera in my cell phone.

Photo:  Lucy, today's waitress, smiles for my cell phone camera. I can't resist taking photos of beautiful women when I'm enjoying fine Mexican food.

Waitress Lucy brought my plate of tacos to my table, and graciously took my photo upon my request.  The tacos were perfectly cooked, and the condiments were fresh and delicious.  El Abajeņo Tacos prepares delicious tacos.

Photo:  Lucy was gracious to snap my photo, as I'm about ready to enjoy a couple of delicious carne asada tacos. Note the outdoor diners outside.  The day was good for outdoor dining, as the weather was sunny and the temperature was about 50 degrees.  Roseville enjoys fine weather.

I can't help but to notice that on the corner of Vineyard Rd. and Atkinson St., less than 100 yards from El Abajeņo Tacos, there is another taco restaurant, but they produce typical fast-food style, American tacos, and it never ceases to amaze me why anybody would eat there when such a treasure as El Abajeņo Tacos is located so close. As my mother used to say, "There is no accounting for taste..."

El Abajeņo Tacos
109 Atkinson St.
Roseville, CA 95678
916 784-3535

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