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Reviews of restaurants, diners and other eating establishments that I've had the pleasure to enjoy, while visiting the Mojave Desert, and the Eastern Sierra Mountains.

Mono Cone:  Great "old school" burgers, fries and much more at a Lee Vining iconic restaurant...

Primo Burgers:  When you're visiting Mojave, and you're in the mood for the best burger in town, look no further than Primo Burgers.

Voyager Restaurant:  "Aviation Spoken Here..." along with some of the best eggs and potatoes offered anywhere on the planet.  Not to mention a wonderful view of airplanes at the Mojave airport.

Mojave McDonald's:  Opened in 2014 at a new, high-tech location, McDonald's serves your typical fast food fare with a smile, and efficient service.  Located in the high desert town of Mojave.

Bishop Burger Barn:  Locally owned and oprerated at a "burger campus," this restaurant is staffed by super-friendly people, and serves the best brugers in Bishop, or maybe even the world...

Copper Top BBQ:  Voted by Yelp and the Los Angeles Times newspaper as the "Best Restaurant in the U.S."  All I can say is the barbecue is amazing and the service is friendly.  Roadside BBQ in Big Pine.

Country Kitchen:  The only full-service restaurant in Big Pine.  Open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Features "All American" diner cuisine, friendly service, delicious food, in a very rustic dining room.  Highly recommended.

El Mexicali Cafe II:  Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner in Indio.  All of your favorites, served by friendly staff in a comfortable dining room.

Brownie's Diner:  Old school diner, located in Brawley, which serves all of your favorites, just like "mom" used to make.  You don't want American?  ... Mexican "comfort food" is on the menu as well...

Virginia Creek Settlement Restaurant:  Features delicious food, friendly service and fine dining, in a rustic, western atmosphere.  Located just south of Bridgeport.

Astro Burger:  Delicious "old school" burger, served at a retro, drive-in restaurant, in the small community of Kramer Junction.  The burger is worth the drive from anywhere!

Casa Jimenez Mexican Restaurant:  Delicious Mexican breakfast, lunch and dinner in Barstow. Besides the food, they have a collection of mounted animals that would make a nature museum envious.

Slash X Cafe:  An off-roader's oasis and paradise, located near Barstow.  Offers, beer, wine, burgers and lots more, every weekend.

Ski Inn:  At 225 feet below sea level, it's the lowest bar in the Western Hemisphere, and proud of it.  Great local cusine in Bombay Beach, staffed by friendly people, with very reasonable prices.

Buckshot Deli and Diner:  Rustic... quaint, and decidely local.  Buckshot Deli and Diner serves delicious breakfast in Niland.  Dove hunters are especially welcome!

Ranch House Cafe:  Such a friendly and amazing restaurant for breakfast or lunch!  Ranch House is the only restaurant, or cafe, in Olancha, but the food is good, and the staff are super friendly.

Morongo Valley Cafe:  Breakfast and lunch is proudly served at this fine restaurant.  Breakfast and lunch is served with a smile in this friendly Morongo Valley restaurant.

Astorgas Mexican Restaurant:  Like the name says, if you want Mexican cusine in Bishop, Astorgas is your kind of restaurant...

Mt. Whitney Cafe:  Full service diner.  Features delicious "Americana" cuisine, served by friendly staff, in a western movie-theme dining room.  It's found on Main Street, in beautiful Lone Pine.

Crowbar Cafe:  Located in the quaint village of Shoshone, Crowbar Cafe serves delicious food, with lots of friendly service.  Western atmosphere, and a slice of Americana.

Imperial Gourmet Chinese Restaurant:  The only Chinese restaurant in Bishop, but if you're in the mood for great Chinese cuisine, served by friendly staff, you WANT to visit this fine restaurant.

La Casita Mexican Restaurant:  Delicous Mexican food, large portions, full-serice bar, and friendly staff make La Casita a great choice for Mexican food in Bishop.

Panamint Springs Restaurant:  When you're camping in remote Panamint Valley, this fine restaurant offers fine dining, a full service bar, and a great view of the Panamint Mountain Range.

El Ranchito:  Fantastic Mexican restaurant, that serves BREAKFAST in fine-style, including American "comfort food," and traditional Mexican favorites.  Best refried beans I've ever eaten in Bishop!

Holy Smoke Texas Style BBQ:  Texas meets Bishop, and after enjoying a plate of smoked tri-tip and a couple of sides, all I can say is "Holy Smoke," this place is awesome!

Pizza Factory:  Great pizza restaurant in Bishop, who's motto is, "We toss 'em, they're awesome," and I agree as these folks make good pizza.

Niceley's Restaurant:  The only sit-down restaurant in Lee Vining, Nicely's offers diner cuisine, in an old-school atmosphere.

Jeff's Country Kitchen:  Serving pure "Americana" cusine, Jeff's is a favorite of locals, cowboys, truckers and anybody who enjoys an excellent meal, in downtown Big Pine.

Wagon Wheel Restaurant:  Classic American diner-style cusine, served in a very western setting in the small Mojave desert town of Needles.

Jenny's Grill Steak and Mariscos: Serves delicious, authentic Mexican cusine, and you're treated to outstanding service by Jenny herself! If you're a lover of menudo, you'll love Jenny's.... in downtown Barstow.

Lola's Kitchen:  A Barstow favorite, family owned and operated, Lola's serves delicious Mexican food, and in true diner style, is open for breakfast and lunch only.  

Kentucky Fried Chicken:  I decided to go the corporate route for dinner tonight, as not only did I get a fine dinner from the Colonel, but I was trrated to an unforgetable perfromance by local Barstow panhandler, Robert Jones.

Los Domingos Mexican Restaurant:  You'd never believe that this elegant, yet reasonably priced restaurant is located inside a Quality Inn motel.  They serve one of the best Mexcian breakfasts in Barstow!

La Placita Mexican Restaurant:  Small restaurant tucked away in a shopping center, and owned and operated by one guy, La Placita features a full menu of your favorites, and even serves breakfast.  Located in Barstow.

Wienerschnitzel:  After enjoying a delicious torta at La Placita, I just had to have a couple of hot dogs, so I hiked across the street to Wienerschnitzel and enjoyed my dogs, and a very warm welcome from the friendly staff.

Panamint Springs Restaurant:  The only restaurant in Panamint Valley, west of Death Valley National Park. Features breakfast, lunch and dinner, in a rustic dining room, with a full-service bar!

Ruff Rock Run Cafe:  Temporary restaurant set up during CA4WDC's Panamint Valley Days.  Review of restaurant in 2008.  Sadly, Chef Andy has retired from the restaurant business and the restaurant is CLOSED forever.

Mad Greek:  Where else can you enjoy a breakfast of Gyro and Eggs, while gazing at some of the most outlandish decor that you'll ever encounter?  Located in Baker, on the road to Las Vegas.

Bob's Big Boy Restaurant:  Located next to the World's Tallest Thermometer, in the metropolis of Baker, Big Boy serves delicious food, including a breakfast buffet, at an unbelievable price.

Ludow Caf:  Is the name of the restaurant Ludlow Caf, or is the name Ludlow Coffee Shop?  Whatever the name, the restaurant offers good food, reasonable prices, and the only full-service dining in town.

Chevron Station:  The hub of activity in the town of Ludlow, besides gasoline, the Chevron station offers hot dogs, pre-made sandwiches, hot and cold drinks, and lots of merchandise.  

Mike's Roadhouse Caf:  Considered by many to be the finest dining experience in Mojave, Mike's offers unique decor, pedal cars, delicious food, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

Caf 58:  Great American comfort food, comfortable decor, family-friendly atnosphere, delicious food, served by friendly staff... I just can't say too many good things about this restaurant!

Oasis Gas America:  Gas station, shuttered restaurant next door, and a small case of pre-made sandwiches... hey, the sandwiches are actually good, and the place is located next to my favorite motel in Mojave.

Subway:  A Subway is a Subway, or is is?  The sandwiches are fresh, the restaurant is spotlessly clean, and the place actually has character.

Del Taco:  Typical decor, typical menu, typical fare... Cash only, but wait... these people are friendly, they actually serve the customer, and the food is delicious!

Country Store:  Conviently located to the Bun Boy Motel, this place sells groceries, souveniers, beer, liquor, and pre-made sandwiches that actually taste good.

Ludlow Dairy Queen:  Located in the 76 station, on the east side of the freeway, Ludlow DQ offers the sort of cuisine that you've come to expect from the regional chain.

Bagdad Cafe:  World famous Bagdad Cafe, located in Newberry Springs.

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