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Back in late December, 2018,  I was visiting the Imperial County of El Centro with friends Dan and Dennis, and it was mid-morning, and we were in the mood for a Mexican breakfast.  After running a few errands, Dan got out his phone, and did some web surfing, which led us to Katrina's Mexican Food, located in El Centro, California.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  Katrina's Mexican Food is located on Adams Ave., near downtown El Centro.  The restaurant doesn't look particularly impressive from the outside, but the dining room is very nice, the staff is friendly and the food is delicious.  We're only a few miles north of the Mexican border, so menudo, both red and white, is a popular dish on weekends.

Photo:  I noticed the interesting do-it-yourself toy machine as soon as you enter the restaurant.  It's mid-morning, Saturday, December 29, 2018, and it's time for breakfast at Katrina's!  To the left there appears to be a bar, but it lacks bar stools.  The furniture of the restaurant is all booths.

Photo:  Dennis relax and chit-chat in the dining room with the bar to the right of the photo.  It's just after opening time at 10 o'clock in the morning, and on this Saturday morning, the restaurant is lightly seated.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features Mexican and American favorites. and, much to our delight, is spiral bound. Menudo is served on weekends.

Photo:  After placing our orders, our friendly server, Luis, brought out a small bowl of chips, and two varieties of salsa. The salsa roja, on the right, actually was spicier than the chipotle salsa on the left.  The chips were amazing, as they had refried beans and were sprinkled with Mexican cheese.  We quickly polished off the small bowl of chips, and another bowl was brought to our table.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Luis, brings our bowls of menudo the table with a smile.  He returned a second time to bring the menudo fixin's, corn tortillas and Dennis' burrito.  After I complimented Luis on the beauty of the menudo, he mentioned his wife made it, as she's the restaurant's chef.

Photo:  Your author, Dennis and Dan are seated at the table, and ready to enjoy a wonderful breakfast at Katrina's Mexican Food.

Photo:  Dan and I ordered identical bowls of "Menudo Rojo" for our breakfast, and, naughty me, I ordered a large draft beer.  Katrina's serves both "rojo" and "blanco" varieties, with the "rojo," or red version being far more common on both sides of the border.  I've enjoyed both varieties of menudo, and the "rojo" version simply tasted better.

This menudo was simply delicious!  You can see the chef didn't skimp on tripe, and there's lots of hominy as well. The chili pepper broth was delicious, and just pleasantly spicy.  Such a great bowl of menudo, which kept me going for the rest of the day.

Photo:  Quite a breakfast spread at out table!  Dennis cuts his giant burrito in half; he was only able eat half of it and saved the rest for later.

Our bowls of "Menudo Rojo" included cut limes, diced onion, diced cilantro, red pepper flakes and orregano.  The green tortilla warmer contains a stack of warm, corn tortillas, which Dan and I shared.  Such a great breakfast!

There is nothing like a bowl of delicious menudo to jump-start your Saturday, especially when your plans are to enjoy the dunes in nearby Glamis.  The menudo is delicious, the burrito is Gigantic, the dining is comfortable, and the staff, including our charming server, Luis, is super friendly.  Katrina's Mexican Food offers amazing Mexican cuisine in El Centro!

Katrina's Mexican Food
845 Adams Ave.
El Centro, CA 92243
760 337-0027

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