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You won't find many Mexican restaurants in Stockton that are open for breakfast, and especially a restaurant that features delicious, authentic Mexican cuisine.  No worries, as Stockton is home to Susy's Mexican Restaurant, which opens for breakfast every day at 06:30 in the morning.

As with all of reviews that I publish, I have no affiliation with the restaurant reviewed, and there is no monetary gain on my part, as I am simply a person who likes to eat, and I love to write-up, and publish my dining experiences.

Photo:  It's a little after 7 in the morning on Monday, Memorial Day, May 27, 2019, and I've arrived at Susy's Mexican Restaurant for breakfast.

Photo:  As you enter the restaurant, you're greeted with a "Please Seat Yourself" sign, and a white board announcing the daily specials.  I noticed the counter, where I seated myself, as a counter is a great place to dine so you can chit chat with the staff and watch all of the action.

Susy's Mexican Restaurant has been on my things-to-do-list for a couple years, when they were featured on the local news/magazine show, "Good Day Sacramento."  Host Wendy Aguilar enjoyed a great breakfast on live Sacramento television, and after watching her enjoyable experience, I knew that I HAD to visit Susy's.

Photo:  The comfortable dining room is mostly furnished in knotty pine, and is definitely NOT typical for a Mexican restaurant.  Besides the counter, the dining room furniture is booths,  The dining room is clean, comfortable and very attractive.

Photo:  Susy's has a salad/salsa bar in the center of the dining room, which was not being used on this early Monday morning.

Photo:  The breakfast menu features all of your Mexican and American favorites.  There aren't many Mexican restaurants in Stockton that offer breakfast, let along offerings from both sides of the border.  My taste buds run south of the border, so I ordered the "Two Eggs Any Style" and eagarly anticipated the refried beans.

Susy's Mexican Restaurant isn't a taqueria, as it's a full-service, sit-down restaurant.

Photo:  My friendly server, Anna, asked if I wanted a basked of chips, along with salsa, and my answer was enthusiatically, "Yes, of course!"  A basket of chips, and a bowl of salsa for breakfast?  Can you spell "h-e-a-v-e-n?" This amazing attraction especially works, as the chips are warm and fresh, and the salsa in made, in-house.

Yes, that's ice water, as I've become disillusioned with paying $2.00+ for coffee.

Photo:  Just around the corner, you can get a peek into the kitchen, from the large window, in the center of the photo.  I didn't ask the staff, but I suspect that Susy's started life as a "typical" diner, and later morphed into the wonderful Mexican restaurant it is today.

Photo:  Meet Anna, my friendly server, who brings my breakfast to me with a smile.  My breakfast arrived in only about five minutes after placing my order.  Where are the corn tortillas you ask?  After placing my order on the counter, Anna got busy toasting fresh corn tortillas on the griddle.  There is nothing better than fresh, hot corn tortillas with breakfast!

Photo:  Thanks, Anna, for snapping my picture, as I prepare to enjoy a delicious breakfast at Susy's.

Photo:  After Anna delivered my breakfast to me, she threw three large corn tortillas on the griddle to heat, for my dining pleasure.  As she was toasting the tortillas, she chatted with a gentleman, who seems to be a regular customer.  My tortillas arrived hot of the griddle, which enhanced an already amazing breakfast.  You don't have to look closely to see that the restaurant owner is a fan of the Oakland Raider NFL football team.

Photo:  My breakfast of "Two Eggs Any Style," along with chips, salsa, and in-house made corn tortillas.  Muy sabroso!  I could have closed my eyes and imagined that I was enjoying a fine meal in a Tijuana loncheria, as this Mexican breakfast was not only authentic, but super delicious!  At $6.95, including chips and salsa, this amazing breakfast was a bargain!

You get eggs cooked any way, I chose over easy, which is my de facto standard for eggs, and perfectly cooked eggs are a "benchmark" to judge the ability of the chef.  My two eggs arrived perfectly cooked, over easy, just as I'd ordered them.  Along with the eggs were an order of cubed potato, perfectly fried to a light golden brown on the outside, and chewy tender on the inside.  And the refried beans... oh yes!  You could easily tell they were made in-house, as they tasted like the refried beans your grandmother used to make, and they were topped with exactly the right amount of cotija cheese to enhance the delicious flavor.  After you factor in the hot-off-the-griddle corn tortillas, the breakfast I enjoyed on this Labor Day Monday morning was over-the-top in every way!

Eggs, potatoes, refried beans, corn tortillas, and a basket of chips and salsa... does breakfast get any better than this?  If you love an authentic Mexican breakfast as much as I do, Susy's is a must-visit restaurant destination.

Susy's Mexican Restaurant has all bases covered when it comes to outstanding Mexican cuisine, fast, friendly service, and BREAKFAST!!!  When you're in the mood for a delicious breakfast, and your breakfast taste straddles either side of the border, head over to Susy's Mexican Restaurant for a breakfast treat.

Susy's Mexican Restaurant
120 West Harding Way
Stockton, CA 95204
209 463-0360

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