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Sunset Grill serves the only breakfast buffet offered in San Simeon, not to mention delicious dinner choices, offered in a family-friendly dining room.

Photo:  Sunset Grill is located within the friendly confines of San Simeon's Motel 6.  The restaurant offers both indoor and outdoor dining, and serves - as of this writing - San Simeon's only breakfast buffet.  All you can eat for $6.95, which is a bargain.

Photo:  On this early Tuesday evening, October 14, 2014, the dining room is mostly empty, but a mostly-empty dining room makes photo opportunities better, as you have less people to annoy.  Photo taken at entrance from motel lobby. We were seated by a friendly host, and were served by our gracious server, Dottie.

Photo:  Sunset Grill's menu offers many fine dinner choices; you can view their menu at the end of this article, as I've included the address to their web site.  Our friendly server, Dottie, has just placed our dinner on the table, and is asking "What more can I do for you?" as Sharlene arranges her pizza.

Photo:  Thanks, Dottie, for snapping our photo, at my request.  My beautiful wife, Sharlene, wasn't particularly happy with having her photo taken, and published on the web, as per the usual protocol.

Photo:  I ordered a "Fishermen's Combo" dinner, which includes fried fish, shrimp, clam strips, and, naturally fries. Oh yes, this dinner was delicious!  I absolutely LOVE fried fish!  Photo also shows the pizza that Sharlene ordered.  I had a piece of it, and I can tell you that Sunset Grill makes delicious pizza, as well as fish!

Photo:  How many restaurants serve breakfast and dinner, but no lunch?  If you said "Sunset Grill," you're right!  No lunch, but Sunset Grill serves the only breakfast buffet offered in San Simeon.  You get all-you-can-eat for $6.95... which is the price of two eggs, potatoes and toast at any other restaurant in San Simeon, so the breakfast buffet is a real bargain..  Caveat emptor, as the offering is limited to scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, pancakes, hashbrowns, home style potatoes, biscuits, gravy, and not much more.  For me, no problem, as the food is good, and there's plenty of it.

Photo:  Note the breakfast dining room is quite different than the dining room in the evening.  They must shuffle the furniture around between breakfast and dinner, as the restaurant isn't open for lunch.  On this Sunday morning, February 24, 2013, we're dining with friends and family for breakfast, and enjoying the breakfast buffet. Left to right:  Melissa Way, Tara Shackleford, Chris Yeaman, Robbin Word, Michael Word, and Sharlene Rench.  We all got together in San Simeon to scatter the ashes of my son, Matthew Rench, into the water where Pico Creek meets the ocean.  San Simeon was one of Matthew's favorite places.  Some day, my ashes will be scattered at the same place...

Photo:  One of my breakfast plates features my favorites:  Sausage, home style potatoes, scrambled eggs, fruit, along with biscuits and gravy.  Delicious!

The food is great, the dining is comfortable and causal, and the prices are reasonable, considering the fact that you're dining in San Simeon.  Sunset Grill is a great place to enjoy fine dining in San Simeon.

Sunset Grill
9070 Castillo Dr.
San Simeon, CA 93452
805 927-5403

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