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Your choice of Mexican restaurants in San Simeon is limited to just one restaurant:  El Chorlito.  That's not a bad thing, as El Chorlito offers delicious Mexican and New Mexican cuisine, comfortable dining, friendly service, and reasonable prices.

Photo:  El Chorlito, in the early morning, lacking customers, since the restaurant is open for lunch and dinner only. Since the restaurant faces east, morning photos are the most dramatic.

Photo;  To enter the restaurant, you walk through a covered patio, and arrive at the cashier's station, where a friendly greeter will sit you.  On this early Thursday evening, October 16, 2014, the restaurant was practically empty, but it filled up before we left.

Photo:  A portion of the dining room faces west, and you can savor the view of the ocean, as you enjoy Californian, Mexican, or New Mexican cuisine.  El Chorlito also features an outdoor patio, if your prefer to dine outside.

Photo:  After menus are placed on the table, fresh tortilla chips and in-house-made salsa soon follow.  Tonight, we felt in a festive mood, so Sharlene ordered a margarita, and I ordered a draught beer.

Photo:  Our friendly server, Ismael, chats with Sharlene after placing our dinner on the table.  Photo gives a good idea of the room we dined in, which is separate from the main dining room.  The full-service bar is out of the picture, to the left.

Photo:  I grin for the camera, as Ismael snaps our photo, but Sharlene doesn't look quite as pleased as I am.

Photo:  Sharlne's dinner of rice, beans, enchilada, and chili verde.  She loved the dinner, and I did too, as I helped her finish it.

Photo:  Since we were by the ocean, fish sounded good, so I ordered a whole tilapia, rice, and beans.  Yes, I know tilapia is a fresh water fish, that loves warm water, and wouldn't have a chance in the Pacific Ocean, but tilapia sounded good tonight, so that's what I ordered.  Tilapia is a little on the bony side, so it takes a bit of technique to separate the meat from the bones, using a fork, but it's not difficult and is easily mastered.  The fish was fried perfectly, golden brown on the outside, and tender inside, just way I like it.  Like Sharlene, I devoured the rice and beans, as they were delicious.  The only thing missing was a stack or corn tortillas; I should have requested some. Great dinner!

Photo:  Wednesday, October 14, 2015, Sharlene and I ordered the same dinner:  Chili rellano, enchilada, rice and beans.  The enchilada choices include beef, chicken or pork, and we both decided to "pig out" and ordere shredded pork for our enchiladas.  We were amazed that the enchiladas had a touch of mole sauce, as shown in the photo. As per previous visits to El Chorlito, this dinner was amazing!

Click on this link to read an article that I wrote, back in 2004, about a previous visit to El Chorlito.

We loved our dining experience that we enjoyed at El Chorlito, as the food was delicious, the service was friendly and efficient, and the dining room was comfortable and quite elegant.  If you're in the mood for fine, Cal-Mex style dining in San Simeon, stop by El Chorlito.

El Chorlito
9155 Hearst Dr.
San Simeon, CA 93452
805 927-3872

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