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Have you ever eaten one of Eastern North Carolina's delicacies, a chopped pork sandwich, served on a sourdough roll, garnished with a vinegar-based sauce and topped with creamy coleslaw?  It's a mouthfull of heaven, seldom seen on the West Coast.

Special tools:  Smoker, any kind; I use a Brinkmann upright water smoker
Preparation time:  About 5 minutes
Cooking time:  Six to eight hours, the longer the better
Yield:  About four servings

1 lb chopped, smoked pork, click on this link to read how I smoke pork
1 cup Carolina Coleslaw,
click on this link for my recipe
4 sourdough rolls
Carolina-style vinegar-based barbecue sauce to taste;
click on link for an authentic Carolina recipe, to taste

Open roll, spoon about four ounces of chopped pork onto bun.  Drizzle with barbecue sauce to taste, about one tablespoon.  Top with coleslaw.  Serve warm immediately.  Be sure to allow for seconds, as most folks can't stop with one.  Enjoy!

If you have a grill handy, you might want to toast the rolls, cut side down, until grill marks appear, about 60 seconds.  If you're really a fan of barbecue sauce, drizzle the rolls immediately after removing from the grill, add the chopped pork, more sauce, and top with coleslaw.  I recommend serving hush puppies, homestyle fries or additional coleslaw on the side.

Left:  The sandwich is open and I've just spooned coleslaw on top of the chopped pork.  The pork has already been drizzled with vinegar-based sauce.  Right:  Carolina-style chopped pork sandwich is ready to eat.  The meal includes my homestyle fries, and Sharlene's wonderful potato salad.

Many folks on the West Coast haven't heard of Carolina-style barbecue, or chopped pork sandwiches, as they're not readily featured in many California barbecue joints, as the prevalent cuisine on the West Coast is Kansas City style barbecue.  So if you want something a little different, give Carolina chopped pork sandwiches a try.  You'll be back for more.


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