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The Port of West Sacramento, formerly known as the "Port of Sacramento," is one of two inland seaports in the State of California.  The port is located across the Sacramento River from the City of Sacramento, and handles mostly bulk cargo, agricultural products, and industrial cargo.  Although there are five berths, it's not "container friendly," so normally the port sees only a ship or two at a time.  The port is located northeast of San Francisco, and is accessed from Suisun Bay via a 43-mile shipping channel, dredged to a depth of 30 feet, and is just undersized for "Panamax" ships.

If you're a fan of bulk carries, or break-bulk ships, there's good ship watching at the port, with easy access via the Barge Canal Trail, located just off Jefferson Blvd., in the city of West Sacramento.  There's a large parking lot located at 2098 Jefferson Blvd., and you can hike over 6 miles along the shipping channel.  Besides ship watching, there's great "birding," and naturally, lots of great fishing.

Photo:  The Port of West Sacramento is an industrial operation, and is normally closed to the public, but if you call them in advance, you can arrange a tour.  The port handles mostly agricultural products, along with bulk commodities, and features several tug boats.  On this Saturday afternoon, the tug boats are quiet, and so is the port.

If you like to check out ocean-going, sub-"Panamax-size" ships, you're in luck, as it's easy to view the port.  Just park at the Barge Canal Trailhead, located at 2098 Jefferson Blvd., in the city of West Sacramento, and take the easy half mile hike to the west, and you can view the port in action, from safe, public access.  If you like to fish, you're in luck, so bring your fishing tackle.

If you're a photographer, and you're looking for the best light, from the "opposite" side of the shipping channel, you'll fine late moring to late afternoon has the optimum lighting.

Photo:  It's about 11:30 on Saturday morning, June 01, 2019, and I've hiked the half mile to check out M.V. Salinas, who is docked at the port, and preparing to get underway.  Actually, she left about 1430, so I was able to photo her, just in time.

M.V. Salinas is a Panamanian registered, bulk cargo vessel, with the radio call sign of HOBS.  She was built in 2017, and weighs about 21280 tons.  She's 591 feet long and 92 feet wide, and is a "sub -Panamax" vessel.  I noted the crew was in the process of getting her underway, as there was a beehive of activity aboard her, and I noted the engine was beginning to start.

I didn't stick around to see her leave, but later in the day, I checked the web and I noted she departed at 1436 in the afternoon.  

Photo:  M.V. Salinas looking at her head on, docked at the Port of West Sacramento.  She has just taken on a cargo of rice, and preperations are in progress to get underway.  Isn't she pretty?

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