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Welcome to eRench Productions, where you'll enjoy fine dining, our original recipes, and family news and events.  Find us on Facebook at www.facebook/ericrench.  Thanks for visiting our Web Site and come back soon! ¡Este website en Español, aqui!

Big Taste Grill: Johnsonville brats, grilled at Capital airshow, on world's largest mobile grill.

Mel Dog Cafe: Friendly diner in Elk Grove.  Roadhouse decor and delicious food.

Restaurant Reviews: California, Nevada, Oregon, Arizona, Mexico and more...

Our Original Recipes:   BBQ, Mexican, American comfort food, and stir fry favorites...

Nugget Rib Cookoff: An orgy of ribs, beer and deep fried veggies, in Sparks, NV.

Maria's Mexican Tacos: Authentic street tacos served by friendly staff in Auburn.

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